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Performers: Nathalie

Amazing Broadway Performer Blog

Posted by longshadowsfall on 2007.10.03 at 17:42
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The Broadway Mouth blog has been doing a series of '50 Amazing Broadway Performers in 50 Weekdays' and I've been watching it incase Michael gets a mention... He didn't. But after the series was over they asked for people to send in paragraphs about their own amazing Broadway performers and I sent in one about Michael and it actually got posted.

Probably the only time I've ever been coherrent whilst gushing about Michael

P.S. 3 days 'til Michaelmas!


fragilesymphony at 2007-10-03 23:43 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, God, that was really well written and gorgeous, Maddie. And I love that you cited Absolution, because to me, at least, that is Michael at the pinnacle of his brilliance. Most actors do not go that deep, cannot hit emotional chords like that. *sighs*
longshadowsfall at 2007-10-03 23:47 (UTC) (Link)
Aww thanks. I was worried about it sounding too... Biased? But I'm glad to hear that I didn't sound like some crazy person :p

And of course I had to mention Absolution! He just... *is speechless a la James Snyder in the album promo video*
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