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Performers: Nathalie

Another late mass... Sorry

Posted by longshadowsfall on 2007.06.26 at 03:46
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This time you can blame my history teacher for making me freak out about projects. Anyways, zorabet ordered me to post this as a mass, so here you go.

CinderMichaelCollapse )

Performers: Nathalie

Belated Mass

Posted by longshadowsfall on 2007.06.21 at 12:58
Okay, so mass is quite a bit late but you can thank BroadwayWorld for that. I was postponning it a day so that I could spend it talking about the interview... And then they didn't post it! Anyways, part one of the interview is up now so...

Ways in which Michael was amazing/cute and other general notes on the videoCollapse )

Also, Michael? That crush you have on Hugh Panero is painfully obvious, and while you're the most adorable thing ever when you're crushing on someone I promise that John still loves you so... Cut out it 'kay?

Adam Lambert; Sexeyes
Posted by zorabet on 2007.06.15 at 00:05
Current Mood: amusedamused
Every good church has confessions, right? Right.

So, this is the official Ardenist Church Confessional.(Is that a word? Pretend it is.)

Post anonymously, with whatever the weridest or creepiest thing you've ever said, done, or thought in regards to Michael, John, or TSW.

You don't get advice or anything, but it's fun. :p

I was looking through Tony pictures from last night and found a couple with Michael and squeed, so I thought I'd share the shiny with you all.

Michael, I love you, but the suit? Is distracting. Please, I'll pick out your clothes for you, if you'd like. Heh. But still, pretty smile!

I really, really want to be Lea Michele right now, kind of like how I used to want to be Jenna Leigh Green. Heh. I think he was her "date" again, hah. But cute. (Though he still looks awkward with girls, lol.)

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